About ONE Initiative

The ONE (one person, one record, one system) Initiative is a north east region-wide transformational project to improve the delivery of patient and family-centred care through the creation of a single electronic health information system (HIS), built with a common set of standards. The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance safe, evidence based and patient & family focused care through a clinical transformation enabled through workflow redesign and supported through technology systems.

The ONE Initiative is built on four strategic pillars.

Four Strategic Pillars

The ONE Initiative will help make delivering quality care more efficient and effective for health providers, and support improvements in-patient care and safety by linking regulated health care professionals with up-to-date patient information. Through this initiative, hospitals in Northeastern Ontario will move from a fragmented charting environment (paper and multi-systems) to one that consolidates the number of systems and vehicles used to capture clinical and administrative information. In doing so, facilities will move from Health Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Level 3 on the EMR Adoption Matrix (EMRAM) scale, to a level 6.

To support the four strategic pillars, the ONE Initiative consists of 3 distinct components:

Three distinct components

When all three of these components are complete, a new shared service organization, ONE Health Information Technology Services (ONE HITS), will provide a variety of ONE HIS support and implementation related services to the 23 member hospitals.  A comprehensive governance framework will keep members informed and provide a variety of vehicles for member oversight and feedback.