The Wave 2 Implementation project consists of two project streams:

  • ONE HIS – Enhance, Extend, and Expand
  • ONE Shared Service Organization (SSO) – Establish, Resource, and Transition

Since these two project streams will run in parallel, a transitional governance structure is currently in place for the ONE HIS – Enhance, Extend, and Expand project stream. This governance structure is depicted in the figure below and leverages existing ONE governance bodies such as the ONE Initiative Executive Steering Committee and revives the working groups from the Wave 1 Implementation project.

In addition to the transitional governance structure, the board of directors for the ONE SSO has been established and is coordinating the various activities related to transitioning responsibility for the ONE HIS – Enhance, Extend, and Expand project stream to the ONE SSO.

ONE Members will use current local governance structures to communicate and vet project decisions.

Wave 2 Transitional Governance