ONE Initiative Benefits

Quality Care

A single North Eastern health information system for data collection and management is key to achieving efficiencies and improvements in patient care and safety, by linking medical and regulated health care professionals.

This single system will also facilitate a platform for further participation across providers.

Evidence-informed Standards

Care decisions are made based on the most up-to-date and accurate information available through the use of evidence informed standards.

Clinical Transformation

A key opportunity for care standardization of best practices to enhance patient safety and outcomes, and to reduce harm.

Leadership and Innovation

The ONE Initiative will enable the development of a world-class system, as North Eastern Ontario will be one of very few health systems to use a common hospital platform built from scratch with common and integrated standards.

Equitable Care for All

Investment in a common health information system improves care for all patients – as it is the one tool that touches all patients as they receive care across the region and the health care system.

One Record per Person

Patients transferred from one participating care provider organization to another will not have to undergo duplicate tests or have to tell their medical “story” over and over.

Their record will be complete and available to health care providers at all hospitals involved in the individual’s care.


It is expected that working collaboratively will achieve an integrated patient record at the lowest overall cost of publicly-funded digital health investments.