Project Team

The ONE Project Team relies on a mix of regional teams and member site project teams. The regional team deals with both day to day ONE HIS operations and support and the activities associated with enhancing, extending, and expanding the ONE HIS to address the Wave 2 Implementation project scope.

Integrated Ops/Build Team (Regional)

Working independently from any of the ONE member hospitals, and on behalf of all partner hospitals, these teams consist of a mix of people seconded from the 23 ONE member sites , other Ontario hospitals, and external consultants. These resources are responsible for all project deliverables and, ultimately, ensuring that the ONE member sites can roll out the ONE HIS to the agreed upon stakeholder communities.  The shared resources include regional leads, each focused on a specific stream of work (e.g. clinical applications), to whom multiple domain specific build teams report.

ONE Project Management Office (Regional)

Responsible for coordinating the activities of the various teams and for keeping all stakeholders informed with regard to project status, particularly for activities and issues that may have impact on each stakeholder community.


Local Project Teams

While significant work for the build will be completed by the regional team informed by the working groups, there is a need to have local resources involved at various points throughout the project. These local teams will support local change management, project management and clinical/practice changes in addition to local touchpoints and communication structures to support the link between the regional project and local sites participation and contribution. Each of the participating ONE partners will assemble their own local project teams.

Site Project Teams

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Clinical / Practice Changes


  • Content developed by regional teams
  • Trainers trained by regional teams

Go-Live Support

  • 2 weeks at the elbow (7×24)
  • 6 weeks at the elbow (7×12)